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Designer-Faith-Sheridan-photos-by-Roger-Turk-Northlight-PhotographyIf you ordered a copy of How to Design Your Perfect Interior, you’ve taken the first step, and now you can use the very same tools that professional designers use to create spaces that come together perfectly.

It’s time to get started.By now, your mind is probably hard at work, creating perfect spaces, one room and one element at a time.Download your FREE How To Design Your Perfect Interior Workbook forms and assemble your own project planning notebook – just like a professional interior designer!All we need is your name and email below and you will receive instant access.

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Your home is your haven – especially during challenging economic times. It’s where you feel safe, connected with those closest to you, and protected from the world outside.

Do your current design choices create the sanctuary you so want and need when you walk in your door at the end of each day?

They should!

Designer-Ernie-Roth-photos-by-Jim-DoyleAnd never before have the building blocks of design been so accessible.  Design television is available round-the-clock.  The Internet has made it possible to shop globally for a vast of array of products. Inspiration and advice can be found on hundreds of design websites, photo galleries and blogs.  Free software and mobile apps will help you select the right paint color, match fabrics and draw a floor plan.  Your choices are endless—maybe even overwhelming!

You know your space isn’t working for you … but when it comes to actually making decisions, you have no idea where to start or how everything will come together. Store displays, scenes in magazine articles and your own imagination wreak havoc on your ability to take action.

You’ve probably realized that learning a new skill (or even a new board game) is easiest when you just start doing it – and that’s why we’ve designed our book and workbook: to help you take those first steps toward actually designing a specific space.

Designer-Ernie-Roth-Design-Group-photographer-Jim-DoyleBecause we love design and know the key to success is making all the pieces work together just right, we wrote How to Design Your Perfect Interior, and created its companion, How To Design Your Perfect Interior Workbook, to help you organize your thoughts and prepare you for the process.  Whether you plan to tackle your own project, get a little design advice from friends, neighbors or online resources, or hire a professional interior designer to navigate the hundreds or even thousands of decisions you will make, preparation is vital.

How To Design Your Perfect Interior Gail Doby and ASIDHow to Design Your Perfect Interior provides information, options, direction and decision tools so you can make a wise and educated decision about how to achieve your perfect interior.  It is full of insider tips and insights from experienced interior designers that can help save you time and money, whether you decide to do it yourself or engage a professional.

Before you start your design project, you will want to know:

  •  The most common and costly mistakes to avoid
  •  What to watch for when buying online
  • Questions you need to answer before you make any design decisions
  • Eight steps to achieving success with your interior design project
  • Where to go when you need help and how to select the best service provider for your project

Lots of books, magazines, TV shows and websites show you great design, and some will give you decorating tips. Typically, though, they offer one tip at a time – lighting, or paint colors, or furniture placement. On the other hand, How to Design Your Perfect Interior goes further: it helps you create a cohesive space because NOW, you think like a designer.

The result: you create the space you’ve been hoping for, with ALL the elements of design. 

The FREE companion How To Design Your Perfect Interior Workbook includes inserts to create your own project notebook include:

  • A customizable cover and spine you can insert in your 4” notebook
  • A 24-topic Table of Contents to keep you organized
  • Checklists for many project details you need to stay organized
  • A budget worksheet
  • A list of team members you need
  • Inspiration photo sheets
  • Resource materials to find your furnishings and products
  • And much more …

As part of our commitment to keeping you abreast of the latest, greatest, most cutting-edge tools, techniques, and trends, rest assured that we’ll keep you posted when we update both books … so your choice to opt-in now will have lasting benefits.

Again, all we need to get you your copy of How To Design Your Perfect Interior Workbook is your name and email address, which you can enter below!


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Gail Doby, ASID
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Design Success University
“Whether we work on our own or with the help of a design professional this book will serve as an invaluable aid.  It dispels certain myths about interior design while shining a light on the services designers provide; services that make our interiors functional and safe as well as inviting. How to Design Your Perfect Interior is a must for those seeking beauty in their homes.”
-Barbara Barry, interior designer & author of Around Beauty
“This is an invaluable comprehensive guide for both interior designers and consumers. Potentially, this could change the landscape of client relationships in the world of interior design. I can’t wait to use this tool in my business. A ‘must have’ for anyone embarking on a building, decorating or remodeling project.”
– Kristin Drohan, interior designer and furniture designer
“For the home design enthusiast: How to Design Your Perfect Interior clearly explains what is involved with an interior design project before you invest a lot of your hard-earned time and money.  Reading this book will prevent costly and stressful mistakes.  Whether you want to do your project yourself, or you want to work with a design professional, this book gives you tips and suggestions to achieve the home of your dreams.
For interior designers: The book you’ve always wished for is finally here! How to Design Your Perfect Interior explains the complexities and costs of the interior design process to potential consumers of design services. Once the reader understands how designers can save time and money because of their unique talent, forethought, problem solving abilities, education, experience, persistence, management skills, and passion, they can make an informed decision about doing the project themselves or hiring a design professional. I look forward to sharing this with my clients because they will know how to be a great client, why we as designers are worth the investment and how to communicate effectively.”
“This book has information that anyone considering an interior design project should study and use as a reference.  And it’s not just for someone who’s a “DIY-er.”  As a design professional, I truly like having these many elements separated and defined.  It can only streamline an effective project, engage conversations and clarify terms for designer and client.  The information about the construction phase is a wonderful reminder!”
– Clare H, Golan, ASID, interior designer and “Design Sense” blogger

Gail Doby Author Gail Doby, ASID, is an NCIDQ-certified, award-winning, published designer, who specializes in high-end residential renovation and new construction design and has done projects across the US since 1987.  She is also is co-founder and Chief Vision Officer of Design Success University, a resource for professional interior designers to advance their business and marketing skills.



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